Growing Buzz™ Buddleja
Pot Sizes: One liner per quart or gallon pot. Best in 1-2 gallon pots.
Planting: Pot March to June depending on desired finished-product size and finishing date. Soft pinch recommended 8-10 days after potting.
Soil Mix: Well-drained peat-lite mix, neutral pH, good water and nutrient retention.
Temperature: Start early crops in greenhouse. Outdoor field cultivation in full sun recommended once danger of frost has passed.
Light: Best when grown under full-sun conditions. Flower initiation under long days (14h+).
Crop Time: 6-8 weeks for quarts, 8-12 weeks for gallons. Sale of finished product May/June-August.
PGR: BUZZ™ varieties are naturally compact and bushy, hence do not require PGR treatments when grown under outdoor conditions.
Hardy Zones: 5-11.
Peak Availability Weeks: Available Year-Round.